Gospels of the Flood

07. Here Comes the Flood

April 4, 2021

The story of you and me.

Series Credits:

Narrated by Peter Wingfield
Written & Directed by Jonas Kyratzes
Music & Sound by Chris Christodoulou

Peter Baker as the Voice of the Whirlwind
Jamie-Lyn Markos as a Voice in the Wilderness
David Barnwell as the Voice of the Paradox
Benjamin Kroger as the Voice of Wrath

Kalliopi Mitropoulou - Violin
Zoé Saubat - Violoncello

Cover art by Daniele Giardini

Peter Wingfield was recorded at SIDE Studios. Special thanks to everyone there for their excellent work, which made this dream project possible.

Kamer Erken - Production Manager (SIDE)
Nick Lanza - Additional Production Manager (SIDE)
Brendan Dane - Voice Recording Engineer (SIDE)
James Battley - Additional Voice Recording Engineer (SIDE)

Thank you for listening.


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